November 9, 2012

This is an excerpt from Sarah Brown's book Behind the Black Door, about her time as the PM's wife:

Thursday 13th March (2008)

"Gordon has had little time to prepare a speech for this evening and asks me what he should focus on.  I just urge him to speak from the heart.  He has the popular and super-talented actor, David Tennant, to introduce him, which he does very warmly.  They both share that 'son of the Manse' upbringing, as well as a passionate sense of social justice that comes with the territory.  David is at the height of his success with the Doctor Who series and the two of them are mobbed by the gala dinner guests."

 There was also some mention of the even in the press:

"The Prime Minister unveiled David Tennant , the current Dr Who, as his new celebrity backer at Labour's gala dinner last Thursday night. The actor introduced Mr Brown and said he had known his father when he was a child in Scotland." - The Daily Telegraph - March 22, 2008 - Robert Winnett 

"In his never-ending fight against David Cameron's Cybercons, Gordon Brown has enlisted a powerful ally: Doctor Who, aka David Tennant .  The Time Lord's a good man to have on your side, so Tennant 's lavish praise at a Labour fundraiser must be worth a few seats.

The Doctor shuddered at the memory of the reign of the Maggie monster in the 80s then confessed he was "thrilled, delighted and frankly overwhelmed" to be with Brown.

As endorsements go, that's as good as it gets. A flushed female union leader called him a sex god. Tennant , not Brown." - The Daily Mirror - March 19, 2008 - Kevin Maguire

"At a Labour gala dinner at London's Park Lane Hotel this week, the PM was presented to the audience by Doctor Who star David Tennant . Hence his opening quip: "When I was told I was going to be introduced by a man who spent a lot of time on another planet who came from another century, I thought it was Boris Johnson."  - The Express - March 19, 2008 - Hickey