November 1, 2012

In 2011 David visited Kamuli in Eastern Uganda to see the work that Sightsavers have been doing and to help raise money for this humanitarian effort. His appeal was so emotional the phones exploded, the press even compares his appeal to those of Bob Geldof during Live Aid

The films were made by Pearl Works Productions and according to their Facebook page David was thrilled with their edits, Here is a picture from their production team.

 Here are the results and where the money went from the Sightsavers website.

We received a staggering £2 million from Comic Relief, all thanks to the generosity of people like you! And a year on from the appeal we wanted to let you know how and where this money has been spent. We also wanted to report back on how some of the people who featured in our appeal films are getting on.
The funds are being spent in Zambia, Uganda and Kenya, and so far:
  • 179,773 people have been screened for eye conditions
  • 4,628 sight-restoring cataract operations have been performed
  • 141,105 have been treated and protected from the trachoma infection
  • 2,254 surgeries have been carried out to reverse the agonizing advanced stage of trachoma
  • 3,414 pairs of glasses dispensed
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