November 30, 2012

In March of 2011 a six year old boy called Jack Henderson became an internet sensation when people and the press heard about his campaing to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.  His charity called Jack Draws Anything raised £31,000 in eight months by taking requests for drawings and sending them in the mail.  He drew an astonishing 536 pictures with the help of his brothers.  His two year old brother Noah gets treated at the hospital for his breathing problems.  He used a total of 314 pens, 162 crayons and 96 pencils on 2,144 sheets of paper. 

Several celebrities requested drawings including David - this is what Jack drew for him and the autograph David sent back:

This is Jack's explanation of the drawing from his website

Thank you to Sara and the guys at Hodder Childrens Books they managed to speak to David as he did a voiceover session for an upcoming book. He had not heard of Jack draws anything but once he found out more, he was more than happy to get involved. David has kindly requested a picture of a Scottish Dragon.
As you can see Jack made it blue & white like the Scotland Flag with traditional Scottish ginger hair. Finally the dragon's eye is red and yellow, like the other Scotland flag - the Lion Rampant

A huge thank you to David for his support and for making a little boy (and Mum), SUPER MEGA happy!.