November 8, 2012

Doctor Who: The Inside Story by Gary Russell was released by BBC books on December 7, 2006 - this was the description:

"Doctor Who viewers might believe they've seen every photograph, read every interview, know every fact about the latest incarnation of BBC TV's science fantasy series, but this book will set out to show them just how much they've missed. With pre-production drawings and paintings, countless behind-the-scenes candid shots, comments and opinions from everyone involved, The Inside Story sets out to be exactly that. The insider's scoop on the how, why, who and where of all things Doctor Who."

David wrote the foreward and Russell T. Davies wrote the afterward.  Here is an excerpt from the foreward:

 "I've been acting for quite a few years now, but nothing is like this. At yesterday's read through at the Christmas episode, the Runaway Bride, the whole team was assembled, milling round, drinking coffee, nibbling on pastries, (it is a law of television that script readthroughs must always be accompanied by coffee and pastries) and greeting each other like long lost siblings.  It is only eleven weeks since we finished work on the last series, but everyone seems relieved to be back.  Working on this show grips you with a fevered and slightly worrying all-consuming obsession and it's much easier to spend time in the company of fellow sufferers."