November 23, 2012

Happy 49th Birthday to The Doctor - this year the Guinness Book stated that David has made more than 340 appearances on Dr. Who in audiobooks, TV shows, DVDs and novels.

I'm not to sure why the TV shows and the DVD's count twice since they are the same thing, so I have counted each appearance only once and also I assume that they are counting all appearances in Doctor Who  so here goes:

TV - 48 episodes of Doctor Who

Then there is his appearance on Extra's as The Doctor, The Music of the Spheres,Attack of the Graske, The Pudsey Cutaway, and Time Crash makes 53

The BBC Christmas Idents, he is in 2 of them, the one where he is seen riding the TARDIS with Santa's reindeer the one where he is shoveling snow and the 2 Christmas messages from 2009  makes 57.

Two episodes of SJA plus Dreamland and Infinite Quest make 61.

 Books - BBC New Adventures Books - 30
Decide Your Destiny - 12

The Darksmith Legacy - 10

Quick Reads - 5  that makes 57 for books and 61 from above is 118

Audiobooks -Counting only ones with his voice - The Stone Rose, The Resurrection Casket, The Feast of the Drowned, Pest Control,  The Day of the Troll,  The Last Voyage, Dead Air, and the Big Finish productions, Colditz, Sympathy for the Devil, Exile, Dalek Empire III which is 6 separate chapters, Medicinal Purposes and The Wasting - so that makes 18

The Scream of the Shalka

Narration of Doctor Who: A New Dimension

That makes these 20 plus 118 - total so far 138

The entry states novels - and does not mention the annuals, storybooks or the comics - which do have unique 10th Doctor stories so adding these we get:

The Storybooks have 28 original short stories and the annuals have 3 - so 31 

There are also short stories from other sources like The Times, The Telegraph and the BBC website -  6

I count 173 differnt comic stories from DWM, DWA, IDW, Battles in Time, Storybooks, Annuals and other sources bringing the total to348!