November 12, 2012

Having failed to remember the 5th of November last Monday - here are three great quotes about David and fireworks -

"Lynne Parker's production explodes like a barrel of fireworks... David Tennant gives a riveting, distraught performance as Antipholus of Syracuse, her husband's twin brother, with the immensely long legs, angular, loping gait and goofy charm that used to characterise the finest products of English public schools." - The Sunday Times - April 30, 2000 - John Peter talking about Comedy of Errors

This was a case of Russell T Davies quoting David in an interview in The Times with Andrew Billen, note the date, November 23, 2004, long before David's Doctor Who announcement:

"Who was his favourite Dr Who? "Tom Baker. David Tennant said in an interview that was really a case of a man and a part just meeting and the fireworks taking off."

Paul Whitelaw talking about David and Doctor Who in The Scotsman June 30, 2007:

:. . . it also stars an actor who has made the lead role entirely his own. The magnificent David Tennant explodes and simmers like a streaking firework across the screen, possessing exactly the amount of innate eccentricity and charisma the part requires."