November 3, 2012

Yesterday I posted some pictures of David in drag but did you know that David gave workshops in the art of gender swap in Shakespeare! He was a guest artist at the London Shakespeare Workout. Their motto - Where You Can Work to Make Your Dreams Come True.

The idea for the group originated in New York, actors can work on their Shakespeare while socialising with other actors and slotting in a little useful networking, The Workout costs just £2 for professional actors/waged and £1 for professional acting students.

"Weekly encouragement has substantially benefited many professionals currently young in their careers, as well as those who may find themselves 'coming back', in a lull, or just lusting to experiment and keep their trademarked tools sharp. Supportive applause and energetic commitment have been the order of the Sundays."

The above text is taking about the Sunday workshops, one of which David ran with Luke Dixon.

Gender Bender Sundays:- (where men do the women and women do the men, so to speak). LSW has had three thrilling sessions in this regard with both the RSC/Domar/Almeida Veteran, David Tennant and the Artistic Director of the Soho Group*, Luke Dixon - The Art Room 152 Arlington Rd Camden 1:30 - 5  

When describing David as a guest: "Luke Dixon and the enticing David Tennant on gender bending in Shakespeare"  

*The Soho Group later became Theatre Nomad