July 5, 2012

You may have noticed that I didn't post a picture of David with his NTA award for 2008, that is because he was on stage doing Hamlet at the time and accepted the award via satelitle during intermission.  It was during this link up that he announced to the nation he was giving up Doctor Who.  There would be 4 special episodes in 2009 and then he was off!

The first NTA he won in 2006 was given by Julie Andrews not only was he over the moon about winning the award but he was really excited about meeting her!

His first words were - "I'm sorry but whatever else happens in my life I've just met Julie Andrews!" He then threw her a kiss and gave her a bow.

In 2007 he slipped and slid across the stage in his rush to accept his award and in 2010 his final NTA as Doctor Who was given to him by a friend - Sarah Brown!