July 31, 2012

Terry George, who writes for the Huddersfield Examiner, is the only journalist I've ever found to write that David was in a foul mood when thy met.

"But he couldn't have seemed ant more stressed out when he turned up to push the big red button. He was totally on edge when I sauntered onto the bus he was using as a mobile dressing room.

''Who's this?!'' he boomed to his people. ''I'm Terry George,'' I said. I explained I only wanted to take a picture for my Examiner column and he grudgingly calmed down and granted me a few snaps.

It must be difficult for him - literally everyone wanted to talk to him, get an autograph, say a few words to him. Security had to form a big circle to give him a big of breathing space."

He also ran into David one year later backstage at The Friday Night Project and had this to say:

"David kept looking at me in the green room, and I could see he was trying to work out where we had met before. I reminded him it was at last year’s switch on of the Illuminations in Blackpool.

He confessed he was scared to come out of his trailer that night as he attracts such a strange group of fans, and I witnessed this first hand as we left the studios at the same time. Hundred’s of the weirdest people were hanging around waiting for David outside. Most of them could have passed for characters straight out of the show."

I have never, ever heard David call his fans strange, in fact he is quick to correct anyone who even calls them nerds!  I think there was a little creative paraphrasing going on here!