July 23, 2012

David took part in two episodes of the BBC radio series Chain Reaction, the first was with Catherine Tate interviewing him which was recorded March 26, 2007 at The Duchess Theatre in London and aired on February 21, 2008.The second one was David interviewing Richard Wilson recorded Sunday October 21, 2007and broadcast on March 6, 2008.

During the live recording with Catherine they had to record the promo for the show which they barely got through because Catherine and the audience were laughing.

CT:  An opportunity to hear some of entertainment's biggest names.

DT: Doing something of which they have no experience.

CT:  This week have me Catherine Tate.

DT: Rank Amateur

CT: Interviewing Doctor Who himself Mr. David Tennant

DT: Handsome, eloquent, two hearts