July 17, 2012

David has been part of many BBC radio dramas, here is a list of the various series and the winner is The Afternoon Play!

 The Afternoon Play - 11 times
 The Saturday Play - 5 times (once as Saturday Playhouse)
 The Classic Serial - 4 times
 The Woman's Hour Drama - 4 times
 The Book at Bedtime - 4 times
 The Monday Play - 3
 The Drama on 3 - 3 times
 Book of the Week -2 times
 The Sunday Play -2 times
 Children's BBC - once
 Friday Play - once
 Play of the Week - once

He also was in The Rotters Club on the BBC which was a 4 part drama but was not part of a regular slot and he took part in Virgin Radio's pantomime of Cinderella.

 He has also made appearances on weekly series:

 2 episodes of Dr Finlay The Adventures of a Black Bag

1 episode of Dr Finlay The Further Adventures of a Black Bag

1 episode of Nebulous

He was also in his own weekly series:

6 episodes of Dixon of Dock Green

18 episodes of Double Income No Kids Yet

4 episodes of the Gobetweenies

4 episodes of Believe It