July 10, 2012

We all know that David has narrated numerous audiobooks, but did you know his hair inspired the cover of a book!  Author Tricia Heighway's first book, Paddytum, was published in October 2010 and the boy on the book cover has David's Doctor Who hair.

This is the books plot from Hirst Publishing:
"At one thirty-three in the afternoon, on the second Wednesday in May, something happened which was to change Robert Handle's life forever. At the time, he did not realise it would be a change for the better. Rob is man who has reached his forties without achieving anything at all. To his mother's dismay, he has dug himself into a rut so deep it will take more than a shovel to dig him out. It will take someone...or something, very special. Paddytum is the funny, poignant and heartwarming story of one man and his bear."