June 4, 2012

There has been great news recently of David playing a detective again.  Back in 2004 there was lots of buzz about the new BBC series Blackpool.  It was nominated for a Golden Globe award in the US and won a coveted Peabody Award.

One month before it's October  premiere The Guardian said it would be the most talked about drama of the Autumn season.

"The new drama series on BBC1, Blackpool , about the Las Vegas of the north, is chuffing brilliant.  But after watching the first episode it's obvious there's nothing run-ofthe-mill about this programme....But what makes the show so entertaining is that the whole thing is anchored in a witty, unpretentious script by Peter Bowker. It's helped along by a strong cast, including Sarah Parish, David Tennant and John Thomson, who, along with Morrissey, all give outstanding performances....It's a clever, imaginative attempt to breathe new life into a shop-worn genre, and it deserves to be a huge ratings success." Taken from The Mail on Sunday - October 10, 2004 - Toby Young

All that is true but how great is this description of David's character!

"On top of which, oddball policeman, is not only closing in on Ripley, but he is regularly playing "find the truncheon" with the arcade-owner's wife."

And a little extra for today -DI Carlisle as the seven dwarfs!