June 11, 2012

Yesterday The Mail, today The Sun!  Here are some of the better headlines concerning David in 2005.

Top of the Docs - December 26 - About the Xmas episode
Now He's the Love Doctor - December 13 - About the fact that the Doctor and Rose were going to kiss
Dr McWho - December 13 - About David using his accent in Tooth and Claw
Jealous-Who Me? - December 12 - About Secret Smile
Doctor-do-litte - December 10 - About the plot of the Xmas episode
What's Up Doc? - November 4 - From a photo of David and Billie filming
Doctor What? - October 20 - A photo of David as Davina
It's You Know Who - July 28 - About the first pics of David as The Doctor
Who's Coming for Christmas? - July 26 - Announcing the Xmas special
Who's a psycho - June 2 - About Secret Smile
Doctor Woo - March 31 - About Casanova star to be new Doctor

This last one must have really angered the BBC since their official press release to confirm David as The Doctor was issued on April 16th!!!!