June 13, 2012

UK newspapers don't have an exclusive on reporting about David he has been reviewed by many noted US publications as well.

Variety - America's leading showbiz publication has reviewed David's work starting in 1998's Real Inspector Hound, but his name appeared in Variety for the first time in a 1995 review of What the Butler Saw.

It took a while for The Hollywood Reporter to catch up but David's name has been in stories there since 2005 including a great review of Einstein and Eddington.

David's name can also be found in many prodigious US newspapers as well.

His first appearance in USA Today was in a 2004 article about London theatre not only was his Pillowman performance mentioned but his picture was part of the article as well, since then he has been in 33 other times.

David's name hit the New York Times in 1999 in an article about Love in the 21st Century and 61 times since.

The Last September was the reason David's name first popped up in The LA Times for the first time in 2000 and then 36 times more.