June 15, 2012

On December 23 2005 Penny Wark wrote a lovely piece in The Times about David, called Who Isn't Watching Him?, that was accompanied by this beautiful drawing of David.

In the article she states that at 17 he became the youngest student at the RSAMD.  This certainly ruffled feathers as this letter to the editor appeared in The Times a few days later.

I think she meant to say the youngest person at the RSAMD at the time.

The article did have some wonderful things to say about David that certainly are undeniably true! (well at least by me)

"David Tennant has a motif, it is his lightness of touch, even when playing dark roles. As he recognises, his appeal lies in words and wit, and certainly not in conventional leading-man looks. Though if he lacks bulk he certainly ripples with energy, and that will never be more apt than when he becomes the tenth Doctor Who on Christmas Day."

This quote is particularly timely if you come this statement to the recent article in the Radio Times:

"Interviewers have so far done little to penetrate his boyish exterior, partly because underneath it is a serious soul, and partly because however much celebrity culture would like to grasp the new Doctor Who to its lovely bosom, the new Doctor Who recognises its vacuous and destructive game for what it is and has no intention of engaging."

This was the closing line of the article:

"Rather he is a damned good actor, whose fine work comes from the right blend of talent and unswerving determination."