June 10, 2012

David's name is in the press quite a bit and this week I thought I would post paper by paper just how much!

Today, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday:

2000 - Once - a review of The Last September - mention only as a member of the cast
2001 - Once - a review of People Like Us - mention only as a member of the cast
2002 - Three - reviews of Lobby Hero - one critique of his performance and the other two mention only his role
2003 - Two - reviews of Pillowman - mention only his role, but one does state, 'by the outstanding David Tennant'
2004 - Thirteen- one for being #78 of the Hot 100 Scottish stars!, seven in relation to Blackpool listings, reviews or picks of the day, one article called 'Moderator's actor son is to play... Casanova', one about Casanova which mentions only his role, three for He Knew He Was Right - one critique of his performance and two mentions only of his role
2005 - Thirty-eight - one in a round up of the good and bad of 2005 - 'Last year, it was David Who? This year it's unmissably Dr Who.' , ten mentions only for role one of which was in ratings article about Xmas shows and another a list of shows to watch at Xmas, once in an article about Top Geer stating his resemblance to Richard Hammond(ED. really????), one shot blurb called 'Dr Who pledge', which has a quote from the Jonathan Ross show about doing a second season, two mentions for role only in listings for Secret Smile, one in a longer article about Secret Smile that had this great line: ...'providing Tennant with the opportunity of unleashing a silent snarl - one of the most malevolent expressions I've ever encountered, except perhaps on the face of a pantomime villain.',one in Pick of the Day for Secret Smile - 'Tennant's superbly creepy turn as the unhinged Brendan shows his versatility - worth bearing in mind as he prepares to make his debut as the new Doctor Who.', one article about David topping Broadcast Magazines Hot 100 list, two mentions for role only in articles about HPGOF, one mention of him as the new Doctor in an article about Liverpool football??!! - , a mention of him as the new Doctor being geek cool, another mention of him as a look a like  - this time being compare to Tom Ward from Silent Witness, mentioned as a co-star in an article about Laura Fraiser, an article called 'Who's that going out with Billie?', which was a pap article about them being seen going out with Stephen Fry and her then boyfriend Amadu Sowe after the first full day of filming, he is mentioned in an article called 'Who's the biggest Who?; which discussed the heavy topic of the height of all the past Doctor's!, he is mentioned only for the role in an article in which two professors discuss why time travel isn't possible?!(ED> gotta love The Mail), two mentions for role only in an article about Dixon of Dock Green, mentioned for role for Casanova in a list of DVD's now out for sale, mentioned in article about Hell's Kitchen - he went to one of the shows as a diner, a mention of his role in Scream of the Shalka, a small article called 'Cut-price deal put Tennant in the Tardis' stating that David would make only half of Christopher's salary, mentioned by role only in four small blurbs about Casanova, and one mention of his appearance as Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger in an article about a year of classic theatre.

I won't break down the rest of the years as you can imagine the numbers are HUGE!

2006 - 46, 2007 - 47, 2008 - 91, 2009 - 119, 2010 - 172, 2011 - 167, 2012 - so far - 96