February 7, 2012

When David graduated from RSAMD he was awarded several prizes, good studentship, public speaking, movement, fencing and the speaking of Scots verse. This past year the Royal Scotish Academy for Music and Drama changed their name to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

The Herald - March 23, 2011 - Phil Miller

"Its principal, Professor John Wallace, said the new name will better reflect the many disciplines – now including dance – taught at the institution. “It will take a while for the new name to settle down, and now we will have to go to the 400,000 young people in Scotland and explain what a conservatoire is,” he said. “We will now be better able to position ourselves on the world stage. Everyone has agreed to the name, they could have objected but they have not.” The switch has been ratified by the Privy Council and the Scottish Government, and also approved by Prince Charles, patron of the academy, and Sir Cameron Mackintosh, the president of the school.

The term “conservatoire” is used in educational circles, and the arts, to denote an institution which offers highly specialised arts educations. Professor Wallace said the cost of changing the signage, and the academy’s website, would come to around £15,000. “The academy has never stood still and this shows that we continue to be able to react to changing times,” he added."