February 25,2012

Since Simon Annand's picture of David waiting for the curtain for The Rivals at The Barbican has recently been in the press I have collected all of his reviews from the play:

"To hear Benjamin Whitrow's Anthony Absolute, the wily old father, and David Tennant's Jack, his son, turning barbed courtesies against each other is to relish the cut and thrust of language at its sharpest." -The Spectator -April 15, 2000 - Patrick Carnegy

"...the key to the play's success lies above all with Jack Absolute, and David Tennant, who plays him, doesn't put a foot wrong. He has dash without swagger; he makes a plausible soldier; he pursues his romantic schemes with determination and dry humour." - The Sunday Telegraph - December 31, 2000 - John Gross

"David Tennant's Jack is a dashing blade . . . " The Evening Standard - March 31, 2000 - Nick Curtis

"Jack, a piece of glassy-eyed genius from David Tennant . . ." Northern Echo - November 2, 2000

"David Tennant's roguish Jack Absolute . . . " The Herald - April 4, 2000 - Carole Woddis

" . . . David Tennant grows along with the plot as the hero, Jack Absolute. By the end I was totally charmed by his clever contemporary interpretation." - Coventry Evening Telegraph - April 3, 2000 - Bryan Jones

"David Tennant's Jack Absolute is as quick-witted and dashing . . ." The Mail on Sunday - April 2, 2000 -Georgina Brown

"David Tennant is a wonderful Jack Absolute" - Daily Mail - March 31, 2000 - Michael Coveney

"David Tennant, a lithe and wonderful Jack Absolute" Daily Mail - April 7, 2000 - Michael Coveney