February 12, 2012

David is probably the world's biggest Proclaimers fan but he revealed that "quite simply the best gig I've ever been to" was not the Proclaimers but The Housemartins. The concert was held at the SECC in Glasgow on September 20, 1987 for £5!!

In 1986 the Proclaimers actually toured as a supporting band for the Housemartins!!!! They were not on the bill that night though. The opening acts were The Farm and North of Corn Wallis. I found a post that stated that The Farm played for 30 minutes:

"They were absolute shite and its 30 minutes of my life I cant get back. Still cant get over the fact "Groovy Train" and "All together now" came from the dross I witnessed some years earlier. Still stunned to this day!"

I also found a post about the gig that said The Housemartins got the crowd to chant WE FUCKING HATE THE SUN. This was about the what the The Sun's coverage of the Hillsborough disaster which they eventually had to apologise for. Click here for more info. Credit for the ticket scan BigWullieFairsax on Flickr