February 28, 2012

In yesterday's post the Daily Record got it slightly wrong but in a good way. Today I'll treat you to an article from The Scotsman - and BOY did they get it wrong all those years ago!

"In a trice, hopes can be dashed beyond recall and dreams destroyed totally. So it is with the cruel announcement that Scottish actor David Tennant - misguidedly referred to as a "heart throb" - is replacing that genuine alien, Christopher Eccleston, as the Doctor. . .
"Then disaster struck just as if the Master had interfered yet again with time itself. Eccleston had quit because he did not want to be typecast - too late, Christopher - and BBC Cardiff had found a replacement.

And who did we get to play the greatest alien in the universe? The being we need to save Earth? The son of a former Moderator of the Church of Scotland better know for playing Andy Crawford, the wimpish sidekick of Dixon of Dock Green in the radio revival of the cosy 1950s police series. Yawn.

OK, I know lots of interesting folk come from Paisley and I did see bits of Tennant when he starred in the television version of Casanova. He's a passable actor and clearly more in love with playing the Doctor than was Eccleston. But as another disgruntled fan put it: "Somebody who looks like a weasel could never play the Doctor. It's over!" - George Kerevan, associate editor - August 6, 2005