February 16, 2012

Before Greg Doran directed David in Hamlet he directed him in 1998 in The Real Inspector Hound and Black Comedy. We all know that David is a very physical actor and the reviews from this production makes me wish I could have seen it!

"There can be few things funnier at present than watching David Tennant's hapless hero edging his way across what is, to him a darkened room, his arms going like windscreen wipers" - Herald Glasgow, April 29, 1998 - Carol Wooddis

"Tennant doing a breaststroke across the stage to navigate the "dark" - that can make an audience weep with laughter."-Variety, April 23, 1998  - Matt Wolf

Mr Tennant's gymnastic antics, culminating in a straight slalom on his back down the staircase, are worthy of Michael Crawford in his prime." - Daily Mail - April 23, 1998 Michael Coveney

"...offering a virtuoso demonstration of physical farce-playing..." - The Independent - Friday, April 24, 1998 Paul Taylor