October 23, 2012

Last night, here in the US, was guilty pleasure song night on Dancing With the Stars.  Here is a quote from The Guardian where David admits to one of his guilty pleasure artists!

"Actually, I have two Beverley albums,' blushes Tennant, his facial hair partially concealing his red cheeks. 'I have the eponymous one that I fall back on if I'm in a bad way, and I also have the album that came out after that. Love Scenes, I think it's called.' He hangs his head in shame. 'Now that is too Radio 2 even for me.'

As for Beverley Craven, Tennant's search for a fellow fan goes on.
'Now she is more of a guilty pleasure,' he concedes. 'But,' he adds, desperately trying to distance himself from her, belatedly aware that he has divulged too much, 'I haven't had a Beverley moment in some time, you know.'"

Taken from an interview with Paul Mardles - Observer Music Monthly - June 17, 2006