October 19, 2012

 David has collaborated with several directors more than once.  Early in his TV career he worked several times with David Blair, which is how he got his first starring role in Takin' Over the Asylum.  When he was starting out in the theatre he worked with Richard Baron and he has been directed by him in  five productions, most recently in his CATS Award winning performance as Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger.

Greg Doran who directed David both on stage and on screen as Hamlet also directed him on stage in The Real Inspector Hound/Black Comedy and Love's Labour's Lost.

He has even worked with a couple of his Doctor Who directors outside of the TARDIS.  James Strong directed seven episodes of the series and recently directed him in the movie United.

James Hawes, who directed The Christmas Invasion, New Earth and School Reunion also directed David's episode of Mrs. Bradley's Mysteries, which also featured former Doctor Peter Davison!  Hawes was the director of the TV movie The Chatterley Affair in which David had a cameo appearance as Dr. Hoggart.

Dan Zefff directed Love and Monsters and also the short film Sweetnightgoodheart.