October 12, 2012

David's thoughts on Blackpool from The Sun - November 11, 2004 - Georgina Reid

"David said: "It's a bit of everything, a whodunnit, a rite of passage, a love triangle, a musical - I loved it as soon as I read it."

David, who has had little training in singing or dancing, said: "Not many jobs would find me dancing underneath Blackpool Prom in the dead of night.

"I've done some very odd things, like being in a pool fully clothed, or dancing the tango with David Morrissey to These Boots Are Made For Walking.

"It's been eye-opening and invigorating to get to do all these things at once."

He confessed: "It's a completely and utterly inappropriate affair with Natalie.

"Carlyle is usually full of integrity but he finds himself on the slippery slope for the first time."

One thing he did enjoy was the mix of music on the show, with everything from Nancy Sinatra to The Faces, The Communards, Gabrielle, The Clash, Elvis Costello, Elvis and The Smiths.

He said: "The Smiths track The Boy With The Thorn In His Side was the most fun to do. It's a full-on number with 25 dancers and the actors. It's quite scary.

"Because you're playing the character you tend to be at the forefront of the scenes but you're surrounded by these dancers who can all do it - and you've got to sing and act at the same time."

But he claims his biggest regret was not being able to persuade writer Peter Bowker to include a track from his own favourite band.

He said: "I was desperate to get some Proclaimers in. I'm a huge fan and at least I would have been able to sing it in my own accent.""