March 31, 2012

I have taken some screen shots from the new Virgin Media TV ad and I just wanted to point out a couple of "interesting choices" made by the people who created the ad.

When David searches by actor his profile picture is him wearing the outfit he has on in the advert!

When he selects his name he can choose from either TV, Movies or more info. The cursor has selected TV but the list that pops up includes 3 movies and why is there a red carpet photo being used for Casanova??!

Once he selects Doctor Who the description that comes up says "Follow the Doctor and his sidekick. . ." - SIDEKICK!!!! Also in the list of actors featured in the series we get Sarah Parish and Carey Mulligan - both one time guest stars but NOT Billie Piper!
David is wonderful and suave as usual and you can see the ad here. The younger Richard Branson is holding a copy of the album Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield - this was the first album issued on the Virgin Record label in 1973.

There will be 2 other ads with David, in the second TV ad, Branson and Tennant are featured in a "meditative scene", highlighting that Virgin Media's services include Sky Living and Sky Anytime as standard to customers. The third ad features Tennant enjoying the wonders of an underwater world.